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Secret Alchemyst

I am Pieter Travis, apothecary.

The year is 1450.

Henry VI is our anointed king, but he is in poor health. A sickening king means an ailing kingdom, and many of us fear that this land is about to descend into civil war and bloodshed.

Further more, it is feared that our saintly King does not heed the advice of his physicians.

It is,though, still possible that his health may be restored if our noble Alchemists can find the sacred but elusive Elixir of Life.

However, as you well know, Alchemy can now-a-days only be practised under license from the King himself. But our true King, in his divine wisdom, has recently refused to grant any such licences.

Therefore for those of us who may still seek that hidden knowledge, and who still hope that one day we will be able to  succeed in assisting the king to regain his heath,  need to be cautious as whom we tell about our studies