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(from Jan. 2013)
At the moment we are reviewing the mail order side of the business, so if you  are interested in buying any of our products please email for a quote

Because of the highly specialised nature of our trade we cannot guarantee that all the items listed will always be available –and equally we may well have small quantities of other products available but not listed –so if in doubt, ask. And if there is anything you want and we do not have it in stock, again just ask and we will put it on our “shopping list” for our next trip to far-away places. If you need it, the chances are that someone else does too.
But please note –we do not trade in any illegal substances! Much as we like the Middle East, we do not intend to spend the rest of our lives in one of their jails!
Muattar Khus (oiled oud) is only available as 20 grams in this decorative box
Temporarily unavailable


If you only want to buy alum, our minimum order is for 100 grams ie £3.50

With £2 p&p this makes a total of £5.50

This is an exception to our normal minimum order of £5 excluding p&p

(see terms and conditions of sale)


See below



See below



Do you need any CHARCOAL?

Do you need any CHARCOAL?

Do you need any CHARCOAL?


Postage & Packing costs

                      U.K.         Abroad

<40 gms      £2.50        £3.00

  40-99        £3.00        £3.50

100-249     £3.50        £4.00

250-299     £4.00        £4.50

300-349     £4.50        £5.00

350-399     £5.00        £5.50

400-449     £5.50        £6.00

450-499     £6.00        £6.50

500-549     £6.50        £7.00

550-600     £7.00        £7.50

850-900     £7.50        £8.00

900-949     £8.00        £8.50

950-1 kilo  £8.50        £9.00