The Incenses of Gor*
*The fantasy world of “Gor”  and it’s philosophy is based on the books by John Norman, and is  extremely popular with a large number of Second Life “residents”. The article in Wikipedia explains it all much better than we can!
The Incenses of Place
The Levona of the Temple
The Levona of the Hearth
(Pack 1)

The Incenses of Being
The Levona of Health
The Levona of Love
(Pack 2)

The Incenses of Time
The Levona of the Forenoon
The Levona of the Afternoon
(Pack 3a)

The Levona of the Eventide
The Levona of the Darkness
(pack 3b)

The Incenses of the Seasons
The  Levona of En’Kara
The  Levona of En’Var
(Pack 4a)

The  Levona of Se’Kara
The  Levona of Se’Var
(Pack 4b)

Each pack contains two 10 gram bags of hand blended incense and costs £5.00 plus p&p.
Please note that these incenses need to be burnt on a hot surface
ie. charcoal. We can supply this to Europe (click here)  but not to the USA, Canada, Australia etc.
I am Strontium Mordkamm, and welcome to my stall.
Here you can buy my finest Incenses for your delight and pleasures.

The aromas that I offer you here have been specially blended for you by my personal kajirae who I have  trained to this special skill. They use the finest ingredients traded from remote lands and follow the secret recipes passed down to me by my ancestors. Burning them beside you as you explore Gor will greatly enhance your adventures in our world.

But if you simply wish to purchase just the ingredients from me so that your own kajirae may prepare similar delights for you, then please feel free to browse my Directory of Incenses, where you will find many rare Gums, Resins and Spices which are hard, if not impossible, to obtain elsewhere.

So why not stop by, and purchase some now?
Pack 1......

Pack 2......

Pack 3a....

Pack 3b....

Pack 4a....

Pack 4b....
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Tal, my friend!
The use of incense, or “Levona” as it is called, is alluded to in the novels, but  is not described in detail. In general it is usually held that incense is manufactured by  the Caste of Perfumers working with  the caste of Charcoal Makers and the caste of Spice Merchants. But these comments were made by an outside observer who obviously did not fully  understand the high nature of the art and is referring only to incense sticks, rather than the blending of the pure gums and resins, which is a magickal, even priestly art.  It is significant that John Norman refers to incense as “levona” as that word is closely related to “Levantine”, the incense lands.  That in turn derives from the Arabic word Luban, which  means frankincense. Having said that , historically the resin from the Levant would have been Terebinth, not frankincense. But I digress.
Most of the named  spices of Gor are almost all identical to the spices of Earth, ie peppers, cloves, cinnamon etc. So we are being completely authentic in  our usage of those plants.
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