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The use of incense goes back to before the dawn of time....
Therefore, it is perhaps not surprise that we specialise in working as “Historic Traders”. This means that during the summer we can usually be found at many of the re-enactments and living history events held throughout the UK
And when we are present, you will know immediately as the scent of our frankincense is impossible to miss!

We mainly work with the late Mediaeval and early Tudor periods -ie from about 1450 through to 1550, either as traders or Living History demonstrators. If necessary we can portray earlier periods, back to the 13th century and of course the days of the legendary Robin Hood!
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English Heritage events
Bedfordshire Mediaeval Fair
East Anglian Mediaeval Fair
Colchester Oyster Fayre
The Templars Fayre
Battle of Tewkesbury
Battle of Bosworth
Berkeley Castle Joust
Oystermouth Castle
Old Sarum
Hever Castle
Wrest Park St Georges Day
West Stow Eostre Gathering
Tatton Park
East Anglian Mediaeval Fayre
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And of course the amazing annual Sherwood Forest Robin Hood Festival
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