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These thuribles are  made by  the Coptic monks of the Egyptian desert monasteries, and are exactly as used in their services.
There are two basic designs, the plain and the embossed, but the dimensions of each thurible vary slightly in size, length of chain, decoration etc. The embossed style is also available in gold plate
The larger thuribles shown are all about 20 cm high, 69 cm  including the chains.
Also available in small and medium sizes

Price range subject to availability
(postage is extra)
Pope Shenouda III offering incense
Please note that these are “Eastern Rite” thuribles, and are designed to be swung with the lid permanently raised.
           Plain          Embossed      Gold plated
Small    £31.50         £36.50              £41.50
Medium £36.50         £41.50              £46.50
Large     £41.50        £46.50               £51.50