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By its very nature our work is both theatrical, and highly educational. In addition to supplying incense etc, we are also able to advise on the varying ways incense has been used throughout history.
Pete can also accurately portray a working Astrologer from this era.
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The Apothecary's Shop
We can  discuss medieval medicinal theory, and we always introduce the use of incense resins (ie Frankincense) as  “suffumigations”. We can also demonstrate the production of the essential oils by early distillation methods.
The public are able to smell, handle, and buy the (non-toxic) resins.
The Shop is intended to portray a working apothecary from the 14th to 16th century. However, the public will often assume the characters to be doctors, alchemists or even “wizards”!
If you are interested in booking us, or alternatively if you are researching a film, theatre, or TV production involving incense or Astrology, then please email for details of our fees

For our Living History  presentation we weigh out the incense in Apothecary’s measures,

(ie Drachms, Scruples and Troy Ounces)

and package it in paper cones

If required, we can give a full Living History presentation of an apothecary’s shop, based on contemporary illustrations such as this example from the 14th century.

However, our apothecary has a dark secret...